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mass communication college in delhi


Mass Communication & Media

Q. What is Mass Communication/Mass Media?

  Mass Media/Mass Communication refers to the technology that is intended to reach the mass audience.

  It is the primary means of communication used to reach the vast majority of the general public. The most common platforms for mass media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet.

  The general public typically relies on the mass media, to provide information regarding political issues, social issues, entertainment, and news in pop culture.

  The world has witnessed a phenomenal and unprecedented explosion in communication technology and media.

  All the boundaries have been transcended and the entire global community seems to have been brought together into one unified whole.

  And it is here that mass communication, as a stream of study and as a career, becomes so important and enviable.

  Mass Communication is not limited to journalism alone. To a great extent, mass media is a modern reality which covers all aspects of human life.

  Moreover, a great change can be observed in the concept of people working in mass media.

  Careers in Mass Communication are not only highly- paying but also bring in a great deal of job satisfaction and expression of creativity.

Q. Why Mass Communication?

Due to the following reasons:

  Lucrative job prospects

  Innovative and unique job nature

  High contacts

  Power Dynamics

  Name and Fame

  Integral part of the powerful regime

  High valued perks

  Ability to change the society

Q. Who can opt it?

  This is an interdisciplinary course. That means, anybody from any stream can opt it.

  It does not require any specific degree.

  After 12th or Inter, from any stream or field, one can choose this as a career.


Q. Does language background have any role in it?

The answer is flat no. One can do better with either of the two languages English or Hindi.

Q. What is the scope and career of mass media in todays world?

Ans. It has multi-faceted scope.

With a degree in this field, one can find a plethora of jobs in the market.

It has huge prospects.

From anchor to media baron, from government sector to corporate, from high connections in practical life to PM, you can have access everywhere by dint of media and mass communication.

It gives you everything- name, fame, money and reputation.

To be very honest, todays world is medias world.

Q. Who can be successful in this field?

Ans. Anybody who has a strong will to move ahead in life.

Who believes in change?

Who believes in dynamism of life?

Who tends to stand away from the crowd?


Q. What courses of Mass Communication are available at IIMMI?

IIMMI works on the policy of dual Qualification i.e. Degree + Diploma. Checkout the Enlightenments of IIMMI on the website https://www.iimmieducation.com


  Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)

  Master in Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC)

  PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication (PGDJMC) 

  Anchoring and Reporting

  Digital Editing and Camera Handling



Q. Does IIMMI have internship provision?

Ans. IIMMI has an excellent provision of internship because of the practical training it provides and make ready and capable to directly enter and handle the industry work.

Q. What is the Placement of IIMMI?

It has an excellent record in the assistance regarding the placements.

Every admitted candidate of this college has a unique opportunity to serve in the media industry.

It proudly claims to have a great number of candidates put in the industry.

It assists all the candidates corresponding to the requirements. IIMMIs reference speaks volumes about the performance.

Q. What is the status in society after doing this course?

Society has a special place for media personalities.

He/she becomes a connecting link for the cross-sections of the society.

Influence, power and money all, come in the hands of the media personalities.

Q. Why IIMMI for Admissions?

IIMMI is a brand. And brand sells like a hot cake.

IIMMI is one of the best mass communication college in Delhi.

IIMMI means business, placement, job, industry, name, fame and reputation.

This not only provides a quality education, best faculties of the top universities of India, interface with the media industry, corporate sectors and government sectors as well.

Lowest fee structure with respect to contemporary media institutes.


Q. What is the future success ratio after getting degree?

Ans. It has excellent track record of the placement.

A great number of candidates put in the industry.

Even disadvantaged groups are equally given chances to prove the worth.

In every step, IIMMI stands with you.


Q. What are the cores features to turn out to be a successful media personality?

The person should be a go-getter

Strong communicator

Convincing personality

Command over the language

Fearless and committed to the profession

Q. What is the influence of Mass Media/Mass Communication?

  Through mass media/Mass Communication, news outlets have a major influence on the general public and a major impact on the public's opinion on certain topics.

  In many cases, the mass media is the only source that the general public relies on for news.

  For example, when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969, mass media made it possible for the public to witness this historical event.

  Mass Media also plays a critical role in educating the public; educational programs exist on channels such as PBS.

Q. Is it the Right Career for Me?

Answering this question requires a critical self-evaluation.

  You need to have creativitya way with words and excellent communication skills as you will be required to explain and inform about the most complex issues, in the simplest of termsto the large number of people.

  Moreover, you require great deal of patience, because in this field, it takes a lot of hard work, and quite some time, to make it to the top.

Q. What would it Cost me?

  IIMMI offers the course at very nominal fee, which is not just the fee of the course, as it also includes Examination fee, study material from the university and News Channels visits.

  Other institutes offer lump sum or quarterly plans for fee payment, but IIMMI is the only one to offer Easy Monthly Installments (EMI) plan.

Job Prospects IIMMI pass-outs

  A professional passed out a mass communication course from IIMMI opens doors for a career in films & TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, direction, filmmaking, scriptwriting, production, etc. It has scope almost in every field.

  In the nutshell, Mass Communication widens up the horizon of career options for a person. Depending upon personal interest and inclination, a mass communication professional can choose a job. Attractive and high paying jobs as journalist, actor, director, editor, screenwriter, RJ, producer, VJ are available to the talented and trained individuals.

Compensation Package

Students from IIMMI may get starting salary for a mass communication professional between Rs 20,000 and 5, 00,000 PA. After 5 Years of work experience, a professional can expect higher salary in the range of Rs 1lakh to Rs 4 lakhs per month.

Bright Future of Mass Media

  Demand and supply plays a crucial role in careers of mass communication professionals.

  On the contrary, there is a dearth of trained professionals in mass media, new entertainment and news channels and with new launches in the pipeline, the demand will only shoot up.

  Opening up of media sector for foreign investment is expected to create new jobs in the field.

Market Watch

  Career opportunities in mass communication are expected to increase, as not less than 70 news channels will come up in next five years.

  Thanks to mass media, news and entertainment job opportunities are aplenty for trained professionals in various roles - particularly in journalism and films. India being the largest producer of films in the world has ample opportunities.

  Technically qualified media professionals can work for TV channels, production houses or can make documentaries on their own.

Global Focus

  News Corporation of Rupert Murdoch, Disney Entertainment, Warner Brothers, CNBC, Guardian Group, BBC, ABC and many others are included among the large media groups, which offer attractive jobs in mass communication at different levels and positions.

  In fact, jobs in these organizations are attractive in terms of compensation and offer challenging job profiles.

Different Roles, Different Names

Following are the various job profiles offered to graduates in mass communication:

       Fashion Photographer

       Film Director

       TV Correspondent


       Radio Jockey/ RJ


       Sound Engineer

       Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist

       Special Correspondent

       Video Jockey

       Art Director Editor

       Event manager

       Public Relations Officer

IIMMI and Tips for Getting Hired

  Besides pursuing a mass communication course from IIMMI, a candidate is required to possess certain skills or interests which help him get a job.

  Candidates who are interested to get into news media should have keen interest and sound knowledge of news and current affairs.

  Global perspective on various issues helps candidates in obtaining the position of reporter or journalist.

  Similarly, those who are interested in electronic media are required to have practical knowledge on video editing.

  No doubt, IIMMI offers internship programs with news channels or entertainment channels, which help candidates, get a job after completion of the course.

  IIMMI is very specific to provide the best, so that students are placed duly at every stage of their career.


Conclusively, it can be stated that, IIMMI is the panacea for all needed impetus of media aspirants from dream to realities and from admission to the industry placements everything is here ---what the candidates desire for.