• When I choose my career in Mass Communication, I was searching a recognized institution, which would give exposure to the profession outside the books. I found IIMMI and I am proud of my decision that I'm here. IIMMI not just sharpens and shapes my skills, but also provided opportunity start to my career with one of the popular newspaper as an internship.
    Danish Afaqui (MMC Student)
  • I am pursuing the Journalim & Mass Communication course, and it has increased my career possibilities in the future. The course showed me the bigger picture and provided me knowledge and skills to apply towards a focused career path. I thank the IIMMI for assisting me in understanding the universe of Journalism and Mass Media
    Ranu (BMC Student)
  • IIMMI gave many great chances to me, to attend the lectures and seminars by many popular journalists. These opportunities enhanced my skills and gave a great start to my career. I am lucky to take admission in IIMMI.
    Vansh Magoo (BMC Student)
  • Taking admission at IIMMI was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. As learning here is more of the experimental than bookish. And this is the only thing that each and every learning journalist needs and demands.
    Kanika Sharma (BMC Student)
  • As a student of IIMMI, I have realized that bookish knowledge and practical knowledge is necessary, but equally important is your overall development, for which institute has provided personality development classes. Thank you so much IIMMI, teachers and mentors.
    Pranav Seth (BMC Student)
  • For me, Learning becomes fun when theoretical knowledge is executed into practical sessions, which was accomplished by working with Daily Post. I would like to thank the faculty of IIMMI for their contribution.
    Ritu Kumar (BMC Student)