Journalism & Mass Communication Courses(Full Time Program)

Admissions Alert: Admissions for June session 2019 will start from 3rd/4th Week of April 2019.

Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication
(B J M C)

Master in Journalism & Mass Communication
(M J M C)

PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication
(P G D J M C)

Anchoring & News Reporting

Digital Editing & Camera Handling

About Journalism & Mass Communication

Journalism & Mass Communication as a course provides professional skills in the field of media and communication such as Internet, TV, Newspaper and Radio. The programme nurtures and develops world-class media professionals with personalized care and attention in small groups in practical and application oriented environment.

Mass communication programme proposes students a combination of basics of conceptual and practical skills required to grow as media professionals of distinguished fields. Many different and endless career opportunities are open for students of the course like New Media, Advertising, Public Relations, Corporate communication, newspapers, magazines, and so on. The bunch of modules is exclusively arranged in a way which benefits and comforts young minds, with various skills required for job in the astonishing and speedily developing media world. The programme handles a blend of academic and experimental training that provides its students, a chance to catch the satisfactory job in the fields like Reporting, Television, Editing, Script Writing, Film Production, Radio, Journalism, Advertising, etc. anywhere in the world. Mass Communication in general, includes all the media opportunities such as Internet, TV, Newspaper and Radio.


International Institute of Management, Media & IT (IIMMI) has emerged as one of the most famous and reputed institutes in the field of Media, Management and Information Technology. In the modern era of information and technology, we need courses that impart professional education and prepare industry ready students. In keeping with the current social scenario and the demands of industry, IIMMI offers a range of courses at both graduate and postgraduate level. What sets this institute apart from the others is a fine blend of theoretical and practical inputs, which enables our students to take challenging roles in the field of media, television, advertising, public relations etc. The traditional academic institutions provide theoretical education, and the students come out as mere degree holders after spending 3 years. They have to spend huge money and time to get professional training to secure a job. In keeping with these requirements, IIMMI offers the most sought after courses of the present time that give an in depth exposure and practical training along with academics. The institute aims at developing the students’ practical knowledge, to think and create out of the box that enables them to not only compete with others, but also make them ahead of times. For the past many years, IIMMI has been providing the industry with qualified, proficient and competent professionals through various courses.

Degree from UGC recognized University.

Offers internships and placements in the well-known newspapers, news-channels and advertising agencies.

Focus on practical training and skills needed and demanded by the industry.

University Courses


3 Years Full Time Program


10+2 or equivalent examination from Board of Education/CBSE or any other recognized Board.


2 Years Full Time Program


Bachelor Degree in any discipline.


1 Year Full Time Program


Bachelor Degree in any discipline.

Trips or Tours are tested and proved tactic for great learning. It involves many positive outcomes like spirit of adventure, rapid and active decision making power as well as students develop into self- reliant, develop confidence and self-content. It is a valued-added manner in terms of exposure and perspective of international. IIMMI strongly believes that through tours students often learn many interesting, helpful and varied concepts in an enjoyable way. For the reason, IIMMI organizes Foreign Educational Tour which is an optional activity for the students. The tour is conducted annually with a belief; to makes its students understand the concepts globally. To produce world class professionals, it is significant to acquaint the future professionals to the world and prepare the students for both national and international market. For a considerable section of society, a foreign educational tour is next to impossible but IIMMI strongly believes that money should not be a hurdle in education for any student. Education should be affordable for all deserving candidates and that is the reason, IIMMI makes it possible, as the fee for the tour can also be paid in installments.

Mass Media in Singapore is one of the well thought out media centers of the Asia-Pacific area. Singapore government launched a scheme named “Media 21” under which it want Singapore to be established as a media hub of the world. For the reason, it is very much fruitful trip for Mass Media students to know the importance government is giving to media as well as innovative digital waysapproaching in the media industry. As well as the students will get the glimpse of Chinese, Malay and Singaporean films industry, which has been awarded for their inspiring performances at Cannes film festival several times.


1. University examinations will commence in the last week of June every year.

2. Institute will provide study material of the University.

3. Duration of Regular classes is five to six hours from Monday to Friday.

4. Commencement of Classes will be at NSP Pitampura, New Delhi.


Diploma Courses


1 Years Full Time Program


10+2 or equivalent examination from Board of Education/CBSE or any other recognized Board.


TV news anchor or program anchor is a person, who delivers news or programs of any kind - whether it is a News, film-based program, comedy show, reality show, or crime-related report. A mediator between the channel and the audience, a TV anchor is a reservoir of knowledge, is aware of the current political scenario, and possesses detailed knowledge of issues. With the increasing popularity of the broadcast media, the task of news reading and presenting a program has become highly challenging.

IIMMI’s professionals have designed the course to train students in Theory and Practical aspects of Television and Digital Medium. Students will get option to learn from Academics as well as Industry professionals. The course opens great career opportunities for students to become reporters, producers, television anchors, hosts and media professionals in the top television and satellite channels.

What will you learn?
• TV Presenting Tips & Techniques
• Teleprompter Training
• Vocal Delivery
• Approach to the Perfect Presentation
• Interview/Screen-test Technique
• Studio & Location Anchoring
• Script Writing


This course equips the students with the skills needed and demanded to become an efficient and effective reporter for print and electronic media. News reporting is a valuable and specialized skill that is much in-demand across the world. Our news reporting course teaches and trains students in all aspects, what they need to succeed in this competitive, fast-moving and rewarding career world. IIMMI trains its students on how to cover newsworthy events as a media professional. We provide our students practical experience to develop an instinct for news and a willingness to be at the scene of dramatic and even traumatic events.

As a news reporter, one needs to identify newsworthy stories and adapt your copy to suit a range of print and online platforms. One may also need to provide images and video to accompany their articles. We will teach you how to develop saleable ideas for news reports, longer news features and other content, and how to match them to suitable markets. The training opens a great number of career opportunities for students like working on the news desk of a local or national newspaper, reporting on and writing about stories that matter to you and your community, providing social media content for a leading online publication, enjoying the freedom and flexibility of a career in freelance journalism, freelancer or a sought-after candidate for permanent positions as a staff writer or editor. Our course equips the students with the skills needed to become a successful reporter.

What will you learn?
• Develop saleable ideas on a range of topics
• Source information, conduct research and carry out effective interviews
• Write news, articles and features for digital and print publications
• Create and edit videos.
• Apply media law and ethics to news reporting


1 Years Full Time Program


10+2 or equivalent examination from Board of Education/CBSE or any other recognized Board.

Digital Editing Training

Editing video is a motion activity, the play of light, color, and graphics. And beyond all that, it's all about way of thinking. The course teaches the students the art and craft of editing videos. The course explores techniques that can be applied in a range of non-linear editing programs, including Adobe Premiere Pro. IIMMI pays great attention to comprehensive digital video editing skills as well as making students experience and uncovering the fascination behind the video modification. Challenging roles in the field includes editing a commercial, an interview, a narrative scene, a music video, a video diary, a text title sequence and so on. Like our Digital Video Editing Course, our editing workshops are particularly useful for aspiring documentary makers, journalists who want to expand their skill set, and voluntary sector workers who want to edit their own films.

We particularly recommend this course to individuals who want to add editing skills to their repertoire.

We teach primarily on Final Cut Pro, but offer students a chance to trial and compare Adobe Premiere and others software’s too. As well as teach students the ins and outs of the editing software, we teach workflow techniques: essentially how to turn unorganized raw footage into an ordered final project. Our course will provide all the students with a solid foundation of practical knowledge and a working understanding of editing software, from importing, marking, logging and editing, to adding soundtracks and effects. Each student will have sole or pair use of a computer, giving everyone extensive hands-on experience.

What will you learn?
• How to use Final Cut Pro
• An introduction to Adobe Premiere and Other Editing software
• Editing basics, cutting, moving and arranging clips
• Transitions and effects
• Workflow techniques
• Use of logging, key words and database to organize your edit
• Creating titles
• Using sound
• Importing and exporting media
• Uploading on­line, basic intro to codecs and formatsScript Writing

Camera handling and Photography

The course helps the students in enhancing the skills in specialized areas of holding and handling a camera. The students are introduced and trained in techniques to produce high quality images and sound for documentary and drama. IIMMI’s students learn the advanced features from passionate, experienced and professional photographers. We offer hands-on practice in video camera operation and camera technique both digital and traditional film SLR camera techniques; Master the techniques of the pros and capture the perfect click every time. This practical knowledge helps our students gaining an edge in internship as well as at their workplace. Regardless of which camera one uses, IIMMI’s professionals will teach you to make a professional click of any picture you click.

What will you learn?
• Preparing a shoot
• How to use a digital camera (focus, white balance, aperture, formats etc.)
• How to use microphones
• Framing, camera movements, cutaways and other techniques and tips
• How to conduct and shoot an interview
• Shooting on location
• The principles of lighting, both natural and artificial
• Filming to edit


Journalism & Mass Communication Program Features

Quick view of the Journalism & Mass Communication program features

Industry Experts

The learners of Journalism & Mass Comm., News Media, Advertising, Public Relations, Radio and TV are given practical working projects because it helps them attaining technological, practical as well as professional skills. Our faculties and mentors are renowned senior Journalists and Editors which offers an excellent chance to learn from highly experienced professionals of the industry. Along with our outstanding faculties, we also offer exceptional facilities for TV, Radio and latest software used in the fields of print media. With all such facilities, we provide the unique professional experience and skills.

Excellent Media-Lab

IIMMI has developed its reputation as one of the foremost telecast mass communication institutes in Delhi-NCR. Students here are provided academic and practical training in many fields, to carry out the best career in mass communication like Films, Television, Publishing, Journalism, Editing, Direction, Film-making, Script Writing, Production, Anchoring, and so on. Our media studio offers the student's experience with innovative media accessories, helpful in their bookish learning as well as helpful in developing experimental as well as live working experience on hi-tech audio-visual accessories.

Industrial tour

Learning of Journalism & Mass communication cannot be conveyed within the four walls of the classroom. IIMMI firmly trusts in considerable industry knowledge and that is the reason, our students visit press, newsrooms, publication houses, news workshops, take part in talks shows & Short-Movie Competitions, etc., to build up the practical learning and experience about the techniques and ways, directly from the experts of the industry. These visits help the students developing confidence which improves their overall personality and also smarten up their practical knowledge.

Unique Curriculum

Our Bachelor and Master in Journalism & Mass Communication courses are designed in such a way to meet the requirements of the Television industry. We have dedicated faculties which aim at preparing students, a professional through guiding them along the routes of both journalistic concepts as well as telecast practical skills at the same time nurturing and developing by our own campus newspaper “IIMMI Times”. IIMMI assures you, as you passed out your Mass Communication course, you would not struggle for a job because you are already trained with practical skills needed and demanded by the industry.


Journalism & Mass Communication is a professional course which offers a long list of career options after the completion of course which are highly paying, Options like Films and Television, Publication, Public Relations, Journalism, Editing, Direction, Filmmaking, Scriptwriting, Production and so on. “On-Camera” interested students have the career options like acting, reporting, anchoring and video jockey. Other options like Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Journalist and Radio Jockey are also available for the Mass communication students.

Internships of our Students

Internship is one of the greatest platforms which fill the gap between learning and to the path of getting a job. Until now, IIMMI has offered internships to its students in the well-known newspapers, news-channels as well as advertising agencies. It is helpful in offering significant practical work experience with experienced professionals of the industry.


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Glimpse of frequently visited events by IIMMI students

Student Testimonials

IIMMI Students Media Visits
at different News Channels

Why IIMMI : IIMMI's Advantage

1. Excellent internship and placement records with well-known News channels.

2. Fees can paid in the nominal fee on easy monthly installments.

3. Faculties/ Mentors are from AAj Tak, Zee Media, ABP News, Economics Times, Danik Jagran and etc which comprises of senior Journalists and Editors.

4. Exposure to attend talk shows organized by “Aaj Tak, India TV, Zee News, NDTV, India Today and many more.

5. Value added education from workshops provides emphases on production of news stories, TV documentary, Film making, Photography, Digital Media and etc.

6. Spacious building with well developed infrastructure and air conditioned class rooms.

7. The institute is adequately connected in a reach to metro routes.

IIMMI Students at News Channels

IIMMI Students at News Channels

IIMMI Students at News Channels

Internship & Placement

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BMC Course syllabus
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